Is carpet a durable flooring option?

Is carpet a durable flooring option?

The highest quality carpeting lasts 20 years or more, and most importantly, these superior brands look great throughout their lifespan.

The easy-to-clean carpets are found in matte, neutral, and bright colors that complement any room decor. Richmond Interiors in Richmond, Michigan, is a great place to find carpet that will serve you well for many years.


Each carpet fiber has specific characteristics, and picking the right one for your project ensures durability.

Perennial favorite nylon has been recognized as the toughest fiber for decades, while newer triexta has consistently proven to be similar in strength. Moisture-resistant olefin carpeting is ideal for basements, and brightly-colored polyester is fine for less active areas like bedrooms.

Stain resistance

Some of the longest-lasting carpets are designed for pet owners and backed by warranties that suit their needs.

This exceptionally stain-resistant floor covering is an excellent choice for any home, particularly in well-used spaces with a lot of foot traffic. While nylon is most resilient or can bounce back after compression, triexta is superior in stain resistance.

Fade resistance

Solution-dyed carpet excels in stain-and-fade resistance because of the way it is manufactured. Instead of using the traditional method of dipping finished fibers into dye to add color, dye is added to fibers before they are produced.

Further, there are no empty dye sites that can absorb spills, so, along with being colorfast, the material is almost stain-proof.

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Locally-owned Richmond Interiors installs carpeting in homes and businesses, and we offer design consultation and other customer-friendly services.

We serve St. Clair and Macomb Counties in Michigan, a region that includes Richmond, Columbus, Casco, Saint Clair, and New Baltimore. So begin your carpet flooring upgrade today with a visit to our carpet store in Richmond.