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What to know when shopping for carpet

Flooring isn’t something you shop for frequently, so arm yourself with some knowledge before going into a carpet flooring store.

Richmond Interiors has been in business and serving the area for over 35 years!

We’re a major carpet flooring retailer and we want you to ask a lot of questions. We’ll ask you a lot of questions, too, because some rugs may be better for your needs than others.

Visit our showroom in Richmond, MI. We also service the surrounding areas of Macomb and St. Clair County. Our design pros will be happy to help you with the house transformation of your dreams.

First, examine your lifestyle

  • Big or small family? Pets or elderly residents?
  • Do you cook or do you depend on take-out?
  • Do you entertain frequently?
  • In what room is it to be installed? Is it sunny and hot, large or small?
  • Budget? Overall--don’t forget necessities like padding.

Understand quality

Thicker isn’t necessarily better; in fact, it can even be harmful. You want to know about density, which is how close together the fibers are tufted. Bend back a sample card; you won't want to see a lot of white space.

Know carpet pile

A low pile has a smooth surface and the loops are woven very tightly together. High pile rugs have long, loose threads, like the fluffy shag (commonly called a “sheepdog rug.”)

You don’t have to use the same type of carpet throughout the house; just be sure they all coordinate.

A low pile tends to be easier to clean, so it’s better for high traffic areas and stairs. High pile ones are most likely what you’d want for the bedroom where the priority is to step first thing in the morning on something warm and cushion-like.

Know thy fiber

There are four basic ones: nylon, known for super-strength; polyester, which has excellent stain-resistant, but isn't as durable; wool, an all-natural one; olefin, which is economical, as well as stain, fade, and mildew-resistant, but doesn't last as long as the others.

There are also specialty fibers, like silk; blends; Triexta, a newish fiber that has been compared to nylon for strength and has permanent stain resistance built right into the fiber; and PET, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and food containers.

Visit our conveniently located showroom to discover how the elegant touch of carpeting can add beauty and value to your project. We’ll show you the most complete, exciting, and unique selection available anywhere. At Richmond Interiors you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable staff of showroom consultants to assist you in the selection and proper specification of carpet for your project. Visit with us today!