The low-down about carpet flooring pile

The low-down about carpet flooring pile

Carpeting provides a soft, warm surface underfoot. Pile, how the fiber loops are attached to the backing, is one of the main factors of this appealing feature.

It determines the comfort of the carpet and the aesthetics, function, and longevity.

How it all begins

Every rug starts as a looped construction. First, uncut fibers are threaded through the backing, like a needlepoint or sewing action.

These include Berber styles, patterned loops, and level loops. This floor covering is durable and ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

Then, the rugs might remain uncut or sheared into fibers of various lengths, called a cut-pile.

Cut piles: high, low, twisted, Saxony, textured, or plush

The primary cut pile has short, even fibers with the ends exposed. It has a soft and nappy feeling, suitable for any level of foot traffic.

High pile rugs, like the shag, require extra care in cleaning. On the other hand, low pile carpets are fashionable, soft, easy to keep clean, and slightly more durable.

When you visit our carpet store, you'll see many styles. There are brands like Phenix, Engineered Floors-Dream Weaver, Mohawk, and more.

You’ll also see:

1. Frieze with fibers twisted so tightly they curl. Great for family rooms.

2. Saxony Plush with short, densely packed fibers. This has a velvety feel and is best for low-traffic rooms.

3. Saxony Textured (or Trackless) with yarns that go in all directions, making it easier to hide marks.

4. Cut and loop carpets with fibers of various lengths. They create patterns and sculpted effects.

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