Where is the best place to buy carpeting?

Where is the best place to buy carpeting?

The superficial answers to that question are a complete inventory, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. The truly best place to buy carpeting, however, is also one that goes above and beyond with design consultations; has highly trained and knowledgeable staff; willingness and ability to particular order when necessary and with even tips on maintenance.

That is what you will find at Richmond Interiors because we understand that floor covering is one of the most significant investments you'll make in your home. It's also an expression of your style and, since the floor usually takes up the largest square footage in a room, it has to look great and perform well for a long time. We won't let you get it wrong! Here's what to expect from us:

Determining your needs and style

We'll start your carpet shopping journey by asking many questions because we need to find the rug that's precisely right for your needs. But, of course, that's highly personalized, so the one you may have fallen in love with at your neighbor’s home may not be the right choice for you.

We'll ask about the size of your family, if you have kids and pets if anyone has allergies or asthma (there are unique versions with fibers the address these needs). We want to know your budget; room in which it's to be installed; home's overall decor, and whether this is a permanent residence where you plan to stay or if you're getting ready to sell.

A style for everyone

Once we determine your needs, the staff at our carpet store will note if you seem to gravitate toward specific colors or styles. We have everything from earth tones to subtle neutrals like gray and the hottest new carpet colors for 2022, including red, orange, blue, green, multi-colors, etc. Our styles range from cut-piles to looped constructions with plush and assorted textures.

Since 1974, Richmond Interiors has been the number one source for all things flooring. We hope to see you in our showroom in Macomb County, MI, to explore our extensive carpet inventory and get a free quote. We’re convenient to St. Clair County, Richmond, Columbus, Casco, MI, Saint Clair, and New Baltimore.